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For a more complete list of utilities, please look at the the links above.

Many people have made utilities or SDKs for Gmail. The list below is the list that hasn't been moved yet. For a list of tools that may not belong in this wiki, see Non-Gmail Utilities.

GMail Hosting

GMail can be used to store and deliver content over the web! Combined with a simple HTML linkage you can turn your GMail account into a web picture gallery or a site for file sharing, limited only by the 2GB storage capacity of your GMail account. For all the coolest features go to: ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

GMail Utilities for Desktops

There are many utilities out there, designed to maximize your GMail experience. This category of utilities (GMail for Desktop) are small applications that interface with GMail to enhance and unleash potential. check some of the most popular at:

Gmail Todo List

A gtk front end to using a todo label as a todo list Uses python, glade and libgmail. Check it out (

GMail Signature Changing

Based upon libgmail ( a script that can change your signature text in your GMail account. Download will be here soon, if you are interested contact (2005-04-01 Update: Alas, libgmail doesnt work anymore since the last GMail software update. But if it does again the GMail signature changer will, too) (2005-04-09 What doesn't work? I've just tested the CVS version of libgmail and it logs in and lists mails okay. follower (at)

Other Sites

Other tools and plugins listed here.

Gmail Resource > Gmail Tools ( - Collection of various tools. [Offline]

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